Tom Ford

A fashion icon, Bluedog has had the privilege of working with Tom Ford and his immediate team in the design and production of fashion shows and private presentations. For the 2011 London show we installed more than 100 large-format mirrored frames, that when vibrated by loudspeakers created the effect of the whole room going out of focus.

This was just a part of Bluedog’s contribution to the production of this unique and spectacular show.


The legendary Belstaff brand wanted to create an exclusive ‘garden’ as part of their 2011 London Fashion Week inaugural show.

Located the Royal Horticultural Lindley Hall, we constructed a full black-out enclosure allowing100% control over lighting. The installation included oak frames and custom LED lighting for mannequin displays, 4m high turf walls and a ceramic catwalk.

The show was fantastically well received, and the photogenic set production lent itself to widely-circulated press and media imagery.

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