Heathrow Olympic and Paralympics 1yr to go Stake Holder Event

The event objective is to reach a common level of understanding by sharing plans and learning from previous host city airports and also to provide an opportunity to discuss how the airport community can work together to deliver the best possible Games time experience for passengers.  This was achieved by a main presenter stage and live exhibitor zones to interaction.


Wembley was the chosen venue for this sizable event with feature presentations from Colin Matthews CEO of BAA, Paul Deighton of LOCOG, John Penrose the Minister for Tourism and Heritage, Abigail Commer from British Airways, Greg Russell from Sidney Airport, Steve Hankinson from Vancouver Airport, Olympian Steve Williams OBE and Paralympian Chris Holmes MBE.

Bluedog took responsibility for initial event design and development along with implementation of build, set and all technical elements of the project, along with staffing required to operate the event.

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