Allergan WGC – Helsinki

Jet setting to Helsinki, Bluedog worked with Allergan to create a new interactive product experience. The 3 metre diameter horseshoe table housed 7 touch screens, each with a set of 6 custom widgets. The object recognition enabled screens allowed users to unlock different aspects of the content, depending on the widget that was placed on the screen. Featuring videos, quizzes, surveys and more, the tables were a big success in bringing people onto the Allergan booth.

The booth also featured a Dry Lab area, enabling delegates to get hands on with the products. To keep this process organised, Bluedog installed a custom sign-up system to allow delegates to book an appointment on the Dry Lab via a wall mounted iPad. This replaced pen and paper from previous events to create a highly efficient and organised system. A number of booth presentations took place across the 4 day event. These used a closed-circuit headphone system to ensure information was clearly delivered to delegates.


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