Allergan Enlighten – Paris

Bluedog found ourselves in Paris for the last weekend of June producing our 3rd large scale educational programme on behalf of Allergan in the past 8 months. This time we found ourselves arriving into Paris in the middle of industrial action which centred around the district where our venue was located. After working with the venue management and the police we managed to secure our passage for the equipment and crew to the hotel approximately 4 hours behind schedule. Lateral thinking and hard work from the entire team saw us manage to get back on track.

Building on the look and feel from previous shows. We employed similar technology using the highly acclaimed 2.5mm LED screen and magic pad lectern unit. However in a change to previous shows the production design brought the LED screen to one central block measuring 9m x 2.5m. Using this unusual screen ratio we were able to layer multiple pieces of content onto the same surface to give a truly different experience to the delegates. Rich animated backdrops formed the basis of the viewed screen area with live camera, Powerpoint, Keynote, iPad voting and Q&A all integrated live into the show. Another break from the norm was to move trib desk and presenter stages to ‘islands’ at the sides of the set to allow all delegates the best view possible of the screen and content.


Allergan Enlighten Paris 2015
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